When you call on a Wedding planner to organize the best day of your life, it will obviously start with the place of reception of your wedding.


During your first meeting, you will decide together the place of your dreams: would it be a Manor? A Castle ? An Orangery?

Coeur de Breizh will organize as many visits as necessary so that you find the place of your dreams.


The place is found, preparations can begin. It may take a year or even two years before you can see your place of reception again.


A technical visit will be arranged by your Wedding Planner to organize and plan your big day with the owners of the place. This is when you will be able to fix all the little details. You will imagine the arrangement of your tables, your ceremony, your dance floor, the opening hours of the place for your preparations, the day after the wedding …


You will decide where you would imagine your cocktail reception. You will also anticipate a Plan B in case of bad weather conditions, if you wish to have your ceremony or your cocktail outside.


This visit will resolve your questions and will project you for the D-Day.

Coeur de Breizh will take your wishes into account during this visit. We will take note of all the informations necessary to make your big day unforgettable.

The technical visit will transport you to the atmosphere of your D-Day.



 Article written by Hortense Guillemin and Lucie Hardouin, assistant