The place of reception and the theme of your wedding are the two key elements in designing your big day.

However, your place of reception  should be choosed before you start researching your theme.

Indeed, the theme will vary depending on whether you choose a manor, a castle, an estate, a farmhouse …


Once the location has been selected, establish a profile of your couple to identify the mood you would like for your wedding.

What are your tastes, your passions, your style, your culture? Do you want a theme that connects your common passions like music, sports, travel or a theme that refers to your way of life or your cultures?


You can opt for a style, such as rustic, bohemian, elegant, fairy tale theme …

Or combine a theme with one of your passions for example, you could go for the rustic style and add small symbols related to music.

You have to ask yourself the right questions.


By appealing Coeur de Breizh, you can count on our help to identify the theme of your wedding. We will help you establish the profile of your couple.We will also give you a decoration brochure so that you do not forget anything for the big day.

Coeur de Breizh has been working for a few years now with an agency specializing in the rental of wedding decorations.

You will find everything there: vases, table runners, chair knots, candle holder, candlestick, leather sofa, secular ceremonial arches and much more.



Article written by Hortense Guillemin and Lucie Hardouin, Assistant