Who is a DJ ?

The DJ is the person who will be able to make your wedding night unforgettable. It is an essential service provider for the smooth running of your wedding. We always remember the dinner, the wedding dress, the place of reception but above all the atmosphere. A wedding is celebrating the love between two people and partying until the end of the night.

Why call on a DJ ?

The DJ will be there to coordinate your secular ceremony musically with the officiant, so that it is fluid and memorable. He is the master of the atmosphere during the reception. His job is to know exactly the style of music that we put on at each moment of the day: Jazz, Latin, rock … 

Without a DJ the atmosphere during the meal will be very different. If you call on a loved one, they will not be able to fully enjoy your marriage. What a shame to end up with advertisements between songs. Indeed, the DJ’s job is to arrive on D-Day with playlists tailored to your tastes. 

But of course, as we explained to you above the first role of the Dj is to make your guests dance the night away, to respect your musical tastes and to play with the lights to make your reception hall dazzling.


How to choose your DJ ?

If you are not using a Wedding Planner you will need to do a lot of research before you find the perfect DJ. You will surely have to meet several before choosing the right DJ for you. As with all other providers, it’s all a matter of feeling. A good DJ will guide you, without ever imposing you, in your choice of music. A DJ must have quality equipment, in duplicate in order to cope with any unforeseen events on D-Day. He must be attentive throughout the year to your preparations and must visit at least once at your place of reception for a technical visit. Nothing worse than a DJ who discovers the place on D-Day and doesn’t know where to plug in his equipment.

 A DJ is definitely one of the essential providers to make your day perfect!



Article written by Hortense Guillemin

Co-writer, Luna, 3rd year