First of all, do you know the symbolism of the bride’s veil ?

It is often a mystery for brides-to-be, which is why I wanted to write you a few lines on the subject.

The veil has been seen for years as a symbol of purity and virginity. There are long, short, lace, tulle, white, cream.

However, even if this accessory often makes many of us dream by its finesse, its grace, it can bring some sources of stress to future brides.

Often, my brides ask me when and how should they hang the comb of their veil ?

As a Wedding Planner, I have to surround myself with professionals and I therefore discussed this subject with my makeup artist and hairdresser at home, Béatrice Binet.

Once your dress and veil purchased, Béatrice offers the bride and groom during their hairstyle test to adjust the length of their veil. Depending on the height of the bun, we add or not more veil in front of your face. Most often it is the seamstresses of your wedding dress shop who are responsible for sewing the comb on your veil, of course respecting the desired length, but this also happens to Béatrice to do so if necessary. It’s far from complicated, rest assured! White thread and a needle !

The veil

You have your veil, you are ready. But when you get out of the car on your papa’s arm, you don’t know when to take off your veil during the ceremony.

Following tradition, the groom will be able to lift the veil of his wife only when the vows and the covenants are exchanged and they are declared united by marriage by the priest or the lay ceremonial official.

If you are not comfortable with your veil and with this tradition, most often the groom lifts the veil of his fiancée at the very beginning of the ceremony when she is by his side.

It also happens that the lender or the official suggests to the groom to lift the veil before the exchange of consents and alliances.

What better moment than when the groom discovers his future wife, going up the aisle in her beautiful dress, her veil revealing her face, her combed hair. What emotions when the father embraces his daughter on the forehead and leaves her by the side of her future husband!

And then ?

At the end of the Church or at the end of your secular ceremony, your loved ones embrace you and some will walk a little on your veil! Yes, this is the game.

I advise you to keep your veil for the time of the photos at the end of the ceremony and a little bit at the beginning of the cocktail in order to have some more photos of you in full attire, surrounded by your loved ones and in the gardens of your place of reception.

Depending on the length of your veil, this accessory that we all adore remains cumbersome at some point, we will not want you to part with it during the cocktail in order to be more comfortable.

What to do with her veil after her wedding?

It’s a symbol. You can just like the wedding dress put it in a small box to keep it. Other brides will decide to use it for the cradle of their first child.

Up to you !