Many people are asking me this question, so I decided to answer it by writing a small article.

The pot is traditional, you can make it yourself or buy it ready made in a shop dedicated to decorating parties. Your guests, both young and old, will appreciate putting a small card in an envelope, reminiscent of the colors of your wedding. It has a certain charm!
However, my brides are often very afraid that the pot is lost, flights exist! If you use a Wedding Planner, she will monitor your kitty. If this is not the case, ask your mother-in-law or daughter-in-law to put all the envelopes in her purse, which she must keep with her ( plan a bag with which she can easily dance).

The advantage with the wedding list on the internet is that there is no risk of theft! In addition, if you use a good site, that is to say, one who will not take commissions and you will benefit from exceptional offers on several brands, so do not hesitate! There is a site that I recommend to all my married, that I myself used for my wedding is:
It’s easier for your guests, they take the time to choose what they want to offer you. They can also decide to make a free participation. Of course the charm of leaving a word to the bride and groom still exists.
The only problem in choosing this jackpot online is that your guests who are not used to computers or other will be a little lost … It’s up to you to take some time to explain ….

I advise you to plan both! By using both systems, you are sure to have fewer checks in your kitty on your wedding day and thus less risk of losing everything. And the electronic list allows you to make sure you have gifts that you like and not taxed at a great price!