The major preparations for your wedding (validation of the caterer, the florist …) begin to end and it is time to make some small touches that will make your guests dream.
And it begins with the famous piece mounted and the figurine that will adorn.

Cream puffs or macaroons?

When my future brides contact me the first time to organize their wedding and they tell me what they would like or do not like it starts very often with”We wish absolutely the piece of cabbage” (the piece of macaroons is more and more fashionable and also brings its small effect with its colors).

Figurines ou cake-toppers ?

The mounted piece, the wedding is as its name indicates your wedding dessert that will remain engraved in your memories as well as those of your friends and your families. There are figurines also called cake toppers for all tastes. Indeed, this figurine must represent the strength of your love.

Fashion or tradition ?

You can ask relatives who were married before you (parents, grandparents) to give you their figurine: this would represent the longevity, stability and transmission of a beautiful family patrimony. Or if you have a larger budget (30-40 € or more) you can opt for a less traditional figurine that looks more like you. Personalize your figurine to make a reminder of your wedding theme: princess, cowboys, Harry Potter or Doctor Who.

Let your imagination speak and have a look at these two sites: or which you will love!

Un symbole…

Remember, even if it is a budget, you will keep this element all your life because according to tradition, the bride and groom must keep the top of their cake with the cake topper by freezing it and must come out for their one year of marriage!